Hope Springs From Christ

Conflict and broken relationships are commonplace in churches and congregations everywhere.  These rifts are not caused by differences of opinion.  They are the result of lost identity among believers who forget they are children of God. This results in anxiety, disharmony and conflict in the Church. These struggles are the result of our fallen nature and they exist in all human relationships.

Be encouraged.  There is hope in the midst of the conflict and unrest. Peace among all believers is a gift of God's grace and is His intended desire for his church. It is achievable when God's people return to their primary task of nurturing their relationship with Jesus Christ. Return Ministries believes that God's Word and his healing grace transforms lives and restore peace and unity. God provides the means to break through the alienation, separation and anxiety through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Return Ministries

Your time is well invested with Return Ministries if you can answer these questions with a YES!

  • Can Christ bring peace and unity anywhere he desires?

  • Is Christ capable of establishing unity and peace in His Church?

  • Will you let Christ restore peace and unity for you and your church?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then read on...

Our Purpose

Conflict before disruption


Healing during renewal


Unity after restoration