The Church is God's witness to a lost world, reflecting God's love, grace and forgiveness.

What kind of witness comes from unresolved conflict? 

When Christians live in peace and unity with one another, they demonstrate the good news of Christ's salvation. Unity among believers results from the transforming Power and Presence of Christ.


When believers are sure of their identity as children of God, they are empowered by God's grace to rise above divisiveness. They are filled with joy and are able to live peacefully with others. Church unity glorifies God by representing His love to a lost world. 

Return Ministries facilitates peace and unity within denominations and congregations that experience discord. The ministry utilizes behavioral and scriptural based methods to resolve conflict. Where there are broken relationships and conflict, people struggle to retain their sense of identity as Children of God. Return Ministries enables to reclaim their identity in Christ.


At the heart of Return Ministries is God’s empowering Word. When the struggles that produce conflict and strife are addressed in a Biblical manner, God's Holy Spirit transforms behavior which fosters peace and unity.

Return Ministries provides services designed to empower pastors and lay-leaders to glorify God by replacing discord with harmony. Scripture and Systems Theory are used to move believers to reclaims their identity and live peacefully as children of a loving God.  Return Ministries' services range from consulting with pastors, to working on location with church leaders and members.

Return Ministries is dedicated to preserving healthy relationships between congregations and pastors.  We believe that this alliance glorifies God.

Our Purpose

Conflict before disruption


Healing during renewal


Unity after restoration