The following are comments made by church leaders about Return Ministries 
approach to achieving peace and unity:

  • "I am very excited that Return Ministries will fill a void in church development. Re-claiming an identity in Christ – great stuff, foundational stuff – all else does not get at the root."

  • "Excellent presentation."

  • "Pertinent to conflicted churches."

  • "I see this very helpful not only in the application of relationships at church but in my home community. I have absorbed more today even after having gone over the materials before (repetition!!)"

  • "I see more clearly now the identity in Christ and how all, not just leadership, is going to benefit from it. Practice is key, too – we can intellectualize or theorize it but when confronted with it in reality it will take practice."

  • "Very informative."

  • "Thought provoking. A reminder that we all need to remember God’s grace when dealing with conflict."

  • "Conflict can not be talked about / addressed enough in the church."

  • "Excellent workshop. What a blessing that you have been called to this ministry. That all churches would benefit from these workshops at any time – preferably before conflict arises."

Our Purpose

Conflict before disruption


Healing during renewal


Unity after restoration